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Why Choose Us

We aren’t here just to take your money, do some light dusting and leave you less than impressed but trapped by a lack of local options. You didn’t hire a professional cleaning company to do a job you could have done better yourself. One review of a shall remain nameless cleaning company doing business locally says “they forgot to bring spray bottles”. That’s not the kind of care and attention to detail you want when you hire a professional cleaning company to do maid service for you.

At sparkle clean maids, we are obsessed with quality. We don’t just want to provide good enough service, we want to excel. We understand that raving reviews lead to endless business from referrals. It’s also the right thing to do.

Our Non Toxic-Eco Friendly Cleaning Process Goes Above and Beyond  

We don’t use watered down cleaning products that do nothing to disinfect your environment. We use eco friendly products that truly cut through grease and dirt, and we actually disinfect surfaces. When we leave, your house will actually feel better to live in. That’s not something a lot of cleaning companies can say. It’s not just hyperbole either. We are actually changing the environment on a microscopic level.