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Cleaning Services

We specialize in one time and recurring professional residential home cleaning. We clean homes until they sparkle, or your money back.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Cleaning Services?

  •                  Eco Friendly Green Cleaning with effective products that actually get rid of grime and grease
  •                  Exact Pricing With No Estimates
  •                  Obsessive attention to detail
  •                  A money back guarantee if your dissatisfied AND a chance to try us again with a free clean

Exact Pricing and No Estimates

The single biggest thing that sets us apart from other services, is that we do not price our jobs hourly or send an estimator to your home to lock you into a cleaning contract. Instead you simply go to our booking page and choose the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and additional services such as windows, deep clean (which adds in baseboards and cleaning various objects around the house as well as windowsills for the low price of $25 dollars). You are then given an exact price and you can schedule your booking according to our availability.

We think this a far superior way to provide professional cleaning services. If you book by the hour with another cleaning service , you run the risk of paying much more if your home takes longer to clean, or simply being dissatisfied by the clean. In some cases houses take longer than we’d like, and we make less money, but the prices are set in such a way that they are competitive with other companies if it takes the expected time, and if it takes us longer we are more than willing to sacrifice some profit for the goodwill, word of mouth, and good reviews that truly cleaning someones home gets us.
Many other major franchises in the marketplace operate with strict timelimits for their employees so as to maximize profits. One team may do 5-10 other jobs in a day at a lot of these other companies. This does not allow much more than a surface level clean of the most visible areas. We pay our employees $15 an hour to make sure that they care about doing a great job, and they aren’t rushed. We do train them to clean fast, but more important than speed is thoroughness. Your paying good money to have your home cleaned. We want you to be thrilled by how clean it is.

We’re confident that we can do that, but no one is perfect and from time to time its possible that our cleaners miss something. We do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen, but if it’s a minor oversight we can send our team back to your house on another day at no charge to reclean, or if you are really dissatisfied we guarantee our work %200 percent.

200% guarantee on our cleaning

If you are somehow totally dissatisfied, an outcome we don’t expect to happen, we will both reclean your house for free, and refund you your money in full. We fully believe in being accountable as a company. We believe that if somehow one or more of our cleaners creates a  negative experience for the customer it is not worth the time or trouble or money to try to argue with the customer.

Advanced High End Cleaning Products and Cleaning Equipment

We spare no expense on cleaning products. We use two different eco-friendly cleaners. One that’s called Red-Juice and is a great degreaser and general cleaner and another called P2 Probiotics, a cleaner which has bad bacteria killing probiotics in it. The probiotic cleaner has the amazing capability of safely sterilizing surfaces and keeping them low in bacteria for multiple days. Conventional sterilizing cleaners like bleach or lysol leave behind a biofilm that the remaining bacteria grow back on within 20 minutes.

We also use the best equipment. We use dyson multifloor vaccums to clean hardwoods, floors, couches etc. We have a steam cleaning machine, and we equip our cleaners with aprons filled with brushes, microfiber and cotton rags, and pumice to clean stains on porcelain toilets, sinks and bathtubs.

If you choose to get your inside windows cleaned, we equip our teams with a handheld window vac that provides a quick streak free clean of your windows without dripping water everywhere.

What We Mean By Clean

We aren’t joking around when it comes to cleaning.

You expect serious results when you hire a professional cleaner, so we use serious tools for the job.

That includes high end shark professional vacuums, commercial mops with a new microfiber cloth when the first one gets dirty, and professional grade cleaning chemicals that are nontoxic and eco friendly. Making sure we clean green is very important to us. Making sure we get results is even more important to us.